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Learn About Monuments

There are many different styles of granite monuments and memorials. You need to know the correct industry terminology to describe them when ordering or discussing options with the cemetery or other dealer. It is also very important that you check with the cemetery where the marker will be installed. All cemeteries have rules and regulations that specify the size and style of markers that are allowed.

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Flat Grass Marker (Marker, Flat Granite)

  • Designed to lie at lawn level
  • Burial identification for a single individual
  • May be used for individual or companion.
  • All are a minimum of 4" thick.

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Bevel (Hickey, Pillow Marker)

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  • Upright slant shape. The thickness identified during ordering is the thickness of the base. The top is usually 2" thick.
  • Flat, oval, or serpentine top. This will be explained a bit later.
  • Standard 2" - 4” front nosing. This protects the polished etched surface as a base is usually not required.
  • May be used for individual or companion.

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Upright Monument

  • The engraved marker portion is known as a "die." Most are usually 6" or 8" thick.
  • Designed to stand straight up perpendicular to level ground.
  • Larger size allows for more personalized expression and room for engraving.
  • Scenic designs and the family name are popular additions to the back

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Cremation Memorials

  • Similar characteristics of the Upright Monument.
  • Usually has one or more containers for the placement of cremated remains (cremains). Cremation urns are not used. Most cremation memorials and benches have cored spaces in the granite where the cremains in a plastic bag are placed.
  • Much easier to maintain as the marker does not need to be moved for ground burials

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  • Very popular for both a memorial and as a cremation memorial. Some style benches can hold the cremains of up to 6 loved ones.
  • Enhances the beauty of burial lot and ideal for use in problem areas where in-ground burial is not possible

Memorial Finish Definitions

POLISHED  -  Smooth surface, high gloss mirror like shine

SAWED - Smooth surface, dull look of the natural stone

STEELED - Smooth surface, appears lighter and frosted

ROCK PITCHED - Rough surface, finished with hammer and chisel

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