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Monument Etching

Memories now can be set in stone. An etching which is similar to engraving, but the cut is not as deep. A photo of favorite memory can be etched to a monument as a tribute to a life that was lived.

Samples of Etched Monuments:

Guidelines For Etching A Monument

  • Etching designs must be on either black, deep red or dark mahogany granite material. Etchings are not suitable for gray granites like Star Blue. They are exceptionally beautiful on Impala Black, Dakota Mahogany, and North American Pink.
  • Use etching designs when your picture requires a lot of detail
  • Etching designs are permanent, just not as deep as sandblasted carving
  • Complexity of design and size of memorial determine etching cost. Scenes featured online are priced. If you have an idea of a design, fax it to us and we will provide a quote. We are capable of etching any design into granite that you want to create.
  • Designs, pictures, scenes and portraits may be plain or colored etched
  • Plain etching results from the natural color of the granite appearing through the granite polish.

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